eDrill 076: Zip Ball - Pitching

eDrill 076: Zip Ball - Pitching
Skill Level: All
Focus: Zip Ball - Pitching

Zip Ball - Pitching provides some great  Zip Ball drills for pitchers of all ages and skill levels! These drills will help your pitchers work on:

  • Proper grip on the ball
  • Snap, release and feel
  • Fingers behind the ball as they push the ball forward
  • Proper movement and release for all pitches (fastball, riseball, curveball, screwball, slider)

The Zip Ball will help your players work on:

  • Focus
  • Concentration
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • So much more!


"Love the drills. This is a great coaching resource."

Terry Burdette
Head Softball Coach
Hood College/18U Heartbreakers Gold

What are eDrills?

  • eDrills are the very best way you can learn softball drills right the first time.
  • Listen to world-class instruction and watch the drill on video through your computer screen!
  • Cindy will teach you how the drill works, the purpose of the drill and equipment needed. You will see the actual drill in motion.

eDrills include:

  • Actual Video of the Drill in Action
  • Step-by-step details
  • Key points
  • Common problems, corrections, and keys for success
  • Detailed online drill explanation and video demonstration that you can watch ANYTIME and as OFTEN as you want
  • Downloadable specially created printable notes with all the key teaching and coaching points that you can print and take with you to practice.

They’re designed to help you become a better teacher and coach of the game.

Throughout your season check the website for new drills!



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