Hitting Disk - 12 Disk Pack

The Hitting Disk
Quantity: 12 Disk Pack (that's over 46% off our single disk price)
Focus: Hitting

The Hitting Disk is a Fantastic training aid that helps your hitters have more Powerful Swings and Hit More Line Drives. They are fun and easy to use and can be used indoors or outdoors!

Included with your Hitting Disk Order:

  • Your Twelve Hitting Disks
  • A detailed instruction sheet with proper use and technique
  • eDrill 023 - Pizza Toss - A great instructional video demonstrating how to use the Hitting Disk

The Hitting Disk will:

  • Increase power by teaching the palm-up, palm-down position at impact
  • Improve players ability to hit line drives by helping your hitters throw their hands toward the pitcher
  • Provide instant instructional feedback - players visually see the results of rolling wrists/hands too early or twisting during thier swing
  • Let players practice their hitting anywhere - don't let weather or facilities stop you from having much needed hitting practice. The Hitting Disk is great for Indoor Practice or Batting Practice in tight areas
  • Make Practice Fun - Players Love them!

The Hitting Disk will leave your hands and take off like a line drive! With a little practice your hitter's can really improve their batting speed and power.

Created for any age and any skill level. Great for practice indoors or outdoors. It's lightweight and soft so you can use it anyplace to work on building solid hitting fundamentals anytime.



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