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Softball Excellence Tip of the Month

Catching – Catching

Fastpitch Softball Free Article on Catching - Catching

“Invite the pitch” is a great way to think about how a catcher should set up for a pitcher. Everything the catcher does from her body positioning to how she holds her glove should be to help “invite the pitch” from the pitcher. The more inviting the catcher looks to the pitcher the greater the chance the ball will end up exactly where the catcher wants it!



"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your newsletter. I have been coaching softball in the Kansas City area for over twenty years and have always used your videos, drill books and practice guides to help me teach my players and continue my softball education. I believe that you are the best instructor that I have ever heard when it comes to relating skills to the younger player. Not many instructors have that ability. They teach the advanced player fine but nobody breaks it down for the young athlete like you do. I just wanted to say thanks for your passion. You have helped many more players than you know." - Bryan Couch - Kansas City

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