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"I wanted to let you know that I bought two of the hitting pods for my daughter, in order to help her develop better drive off the pitching rubber. Turning her drive foot was not as much of an issue as the collapse of her foot so that she would drag deeply on the side of it, getting stuck back. It has been really hard to get rid of this habit. I have just started using the pod drill that you recommended, and I believe that there is already an improvement. It keeps her foot forward so she drives straight, but also has the added benefit of getting her up on her toe, so that she can tell what it should feel like. As an aside- you should know that I have tried many different "gadgets" to try to help with this problem- so much so that my daughter rolls her eyes when I bring out something new- after her first practice with the pod, the second practice she was like "mom, I want to use the pod". That is my own personal barometer of something that truly has potential to help! Anyway, I am keeping my fingers crossed- and wanted to let you know that this has really been an excellent tool (especially when combined with the instruction of driving the back knee in to the front one, that you have also recommended.) I hope that this will allow her to be more balanced and gain the speed that she is physically capable of. Thank you." - Siobhan Corbett, M.D.

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