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Coaches Corner
A Innovative Way to Improve Your Pitch Spins

Player’s Page
Get More Pitch Movement with a Visual Cue

Coaches Corner
3 Pitfalls of the Screwball

Coaches Corner
A Simple Pitching Drill to Improve Movement

Pitching – The Screwball

Player’s Page
A Great Way to Practice Hitting the Curveball and Screwball

Coaches Corner
Extreme Targets Pitching Workout

Disrupting hitters with the screwball and backdoor curve

2 Keys to Getting Better Pitch Movement



"Thank you for your book on The Ultimate Softball Practice Guide I got it the other day and cant put it down. So many great ideas for practice I cant wait to start using them. I truly am grateful. Your web site is highly appealing and very easy to navigate through. So many opportunities for people to get what they need. Again thank you so much for being the inspiration that you are." - Scott Bell - Missouri Revolution

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