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Softball Excellence DUGOUT

What People are Saying:
"If you coach softball you should take advantage of the knowledge Cindy Bristow is offering through Softball Excellence. I have been involved in fast pitch softball for more than 35 years as a player and coach, and she is the most knowledgeable coach I have worked with. Cindy's basic approach to teaching sound fundamentals, without a bunch of gimmicks, will greatly assist in the preparation of your players to compete physically and mentally. The material she produces is direct, to the point, and easy to absorb."
- Ernie Yarbrough
Associate Director
Georgia High School Association

"There is a ton of information out there, but I couldn't really tell what was good and what was just selling. Someone recommended softball excellence as a sight for information. I checked it out and have done all the eclinics and bought several hard back books and drills. You are very good at explaining this wonderful sport. You put it all in common sense terms and use video and pictures very well. - Thanks again!"
- Dee Swartz
Fastpitch Softball mom/coach

"I just wanted to write and thank you for the outstanding clinic last weekend. Ive attended many coaching clinics with the likes of Bob Knight, Coach K., Rick Pitino, Doug Collins, Larry Brown, and I have to say that your thoughts and philosophies were every bit as insightful, valuable, and entertaining as were these coaching legends. Thank you also for all that you do and have done for the great game of fastpitch softball and our athletes."
- Mike Maguire
Lake County Liberty

Softball Strategies, Coverages, Signals & Charts


Our Price: $24.95
Retail Price:  $29.95

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Name: Softball Strategies, Coverages, Signals & Charts Product No: 10000002

About the Product

Unlock the mysteries of offensive and defensive softball strategy with this first of it’s kind book. Most softball coaching books focus on the drills or skills involved with softball if you try and find a book that covers all the strategies and coverages and the list shrinks down to close to nothing.

Written by Cindy Bristow with over 35 years of softball coaching experience, Softball Strategies, Coverages, Signals & Charts gives you all the factors you should consider when deciding on your offensive strategy, from a hit and run to a squeeze play, it’s all here in detail. Also covered are the coverages your defense will need to know to handle any situation. All presented in diagram form, these coverages show you how to defend against the Running Slap, the 1st and 3rd play as well as all defensive strategy situations.

Also included are over 10 different ways for you to give signals to your players along with lots of great examples on how to chart both your opponents as well as your own team. Cindy goes into great detail showing you not only how to keep your own charts but why you need them and how using charts can help your team be more successful.

Written in a very easy-to-understand format this book is a "must have" for any softball coach!

Tables of Contents

  • Chapter 1 - Introduction
  • Chapter 2 - Importance of Outs
  • Chapter 3 – Offensive Strategies
    • Offensive Strategies Introduction
    • Key Factors in Your Offensive Decisions
    • Offensive Plays
    • Making Out Your Line Up: Deciding Who Bats Where
  • Chapter 4 – Defensive Strategies
    • Key Factors in Your Defensive Decisions
    • Regular Defensive Coverages
    • Bunt Defensive Coverages
    • Running Slap Defensive Coverages
    • Steal Coverages
    • 1st and 3rd Defensive Coverages
  • Chapter 5 – Giving Your Hitters Signals
    • Different Types of Signals
    • Tips for Giving Effective Signals
  • Chapter 6 – Charts – What to Keep Track of and Why?
    • Why Use Them?
    • How to Use Them and What They Can Tell You?
  • Chapter 7 – Charting Using Technology
  • Chapter 8 – List of Books and Resources


Your book, Softball Strategies, Coverages, Signals & Charts is the best publication I have ever read related to Fastpitch Softball. It gives you everything you need to know about the basics of coaching the game. It could not simplify things any better. I recommend this book to any new coach in our organization or any other organization for that matter. It is the foundation for coaching Fastpitch Softball.
Jim Kulakowski
Gurnee Girls Softball

This is an excellent book!
Thomas Armbruster

This was my husband's favorite Christmas present! He has been reviewing it ever since 12/25. I think my 14-year-old will be reaping the rewards this spring!
Valerie Shaw

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