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Softball Excellence DUGOUT

What People are Saying:
"If you coach softball you should take advantage of the knowledge Cindy Bristow is offering through Softball Excellence. I have been involved in fast pitch softball for more than 35 years as a player and coach, and she is the most knowledgeable coach I have worked with. Cindy's basic approach to teaching sound fundamentals, without a bunch of gimmicks, will greatly assist in the preparation of your players to compete physically and mentally. The material she produces is direct, to the point, and easy to absorb."
- Ernie Yarbrough
Associate Director
Georgia High School Association

"There is a ton of information out there, but I couldn't really tell what was good and what was just selling. Someone recommended softball excellence as a sight for information. I checked it out and have done all the eclinics and bought several hard back books and drills. You are very good at explaining this wonderful sport. You put it all in common sense terms and use video and pictures very well. - Thanks again!"
- Dee Swartz
Fastpitch Softball mom/coach

"I just wanted to write and thank you for the outstanding clinic last weekend. Ive attended many coaching clinics with the likes of Bob Knight, Coach K., Rick Pitino, Doug Collins, Larry Brown, and I have to say that your thoughts and philosophies were every bit as insightful, valuable, and entertaining as were these coaching legends. Thank you also for all that you do and have done for the great game of fastpitch softball and our athletes."
- Mike Maguire
Lake County Liberty

Cindy's Lesson Philosophy

"I won't make you better - but I will help YOU make yourself better!"

"I believe that in order for a player to get better that they have to be willing to contribute to their own improvement. I can and will supply the expertise but only in hopes of teaching the student how to know what I know and how to use it themselves to improve on and ultimately eliminate their own mistakes.

It's not enough that I know what the player did wrong - or right for that matter. The player has to learn how to know that for themselves. The reason I believe this is so crucial to a softball player's improvement is that when the athlete finds herself in a game needing to either perform that skill successfully or else make an immediate correction - I'm not there to tell that player what to do! The better a softball player is at knowing what changes she needs to make and knowing how to make them, the more successful she'll be in competition. And, isn't that why players take lessons to begin with? To ultimately perform better in games!"

Overview of Softball Excellence Lessons

Cindy Bristow provides personalized skill training to any level player who is committed to improving her softball skills. She provides lessons throughout the Tampa Florida area but is able to conduct lessons anyplace in North America. If you live outside Tampa and are interested in having Cindy work with one or more of your softball players contact Cindy to make arrangements.

Durations: Private lessons are offered in both 30 and 60 minute sessions. Small Group and Team lessons last a full hour.
Skills: Pitching, Hitting, Bunting, Slapping, Catching, Throwing, or Fielding/Defense
Formats: Private (1 to 2 students)
Group (3 to 5 students)
Team (6 student on up)
Elite (1 student)

Elite Athletes: Cindy can also create a specialized program for elite softball athletes. Specialized instructional programs are developed based on intense quantitative analysis of the athlete. If you are an elite softball athlete and are interested in having Cindy create a specialized program for you please Contact Cindy directly for program options and pricing.

College Consulting: Cindy works with a number of college softball coaches on a regular basis to create a specialized skill improvement path and targeted competition peaking program for pitchers, hitters, coaches, and entire teams. If you are a college coach and are interested in having Cindy work with you or your team please contact her directly.

To schedule lessons or for more information please contact us by phone or email.

Private Lessons (1-2 Students)

Private lessons provide individualized attention since only one or two players are working with Cindy. This format is perfect for the athlete who prefers personal instruction at their own pace or for siblings or teammates that enjoy working together.

Duration Number of Lessons Price Per Lesson Per Student Total Package Price*
30 Minute Lesson(s) 1 $35 $35
  4 $33 $132
  8 $32 $256
  12 $30 $360
60 Minute Lesson(s) 1 $70 $70
  4 $67 $268
  8 $63 $504
  12 $59 $708
* prepaid package pricing - must be paid in full prior to first scheduled lesson

Group Lessons (3-5 Students)

Groups Lessons are for groups of 3-5 softball players in hitting, pitching, fielding, catching, bunting, and/or slapping. This lesson format is most often utilized by teammates, friends, family members, or players who are at the same ability level and trying to improve their skills together. Group lessons last one hour, and Cindy will tailor them to your group's needs. In a small group session Cindy will be able to provide multiple repetitions of the specific skills that the group needs work on. This is essential to developing proper habits and improving the mechanics of each skill. Softball Excellence does not create groups for you. You are responsible for creating your own group and for making sure they all show up.

Duration Number of Lessons Price Per Lesson Per Student Total Per Student Package Price*
60 Minute Lesson(s) 1 $56 $56
  4 $53 $212
  8 $49 $392
  12 $45 $540
* prepaid package pricing - must be paid in full prior to first scheduled lesson

Team Lessons (teams of 6+ students)

In Team Lessons, your team will be taught drills that stress fundamentals of hitting, pitching, or fielding. Team lessons are a minimum of 60 minutes and Cindy will work with you to tailor the lessons to your teams needs. These sessions are designed to help coaches prepare their teams for the upcoming season. Cindy will also give coaches "how to" ideas on running team practices including warm-ups and drills.

Duration Number of Lessons Price Per Lesson Per Student Total Per Student Package Price*
60 Minute Lesson(s) 1 $35 $35
  4 $33 $132
  8 $30 $240
  12 $27 $324
* prepaid package pricing - must be paid in full prior to first scheduled lesson

General Policies

Cancellation - If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, you will be charged for the lesson unless another student takes the appointment.

Payment - All lessons must be paid for in advance.

Pitching Lesson students must bring their own catchers for each lesson.

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