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Softball Excellence DUGOUT

What People are Saying:
"If you coach softball you should take advantage of the knowledge Cindy Bristow is offering through Softball Excellence. I have been involved in fast pitch softball for more than 35 years as a player and coach, and she is the most knowledgeable coach I have worked with. Cindy's basic approach to teaching sound fundamentals, without a bunch of gimmicks, will greatly assist in the preparation of your players to compete physically and mentally. The material she produces is direct, to the point, and easy to absorb."
- Ernie Yarbrough
Associate Director
Georgia High School Association

"There is a ton of information out there, but I couldn't really tell what was good and what was just selling. Someone recommended softball excellence as a sight for information. I checked it out and have done all the eclinics and bought several hard back books and drills. You are very good at explaining this wonderful sport. You put it all in common sense terms and use video and pictures very well. - Thanks again!"
- Dee Swartz
Fastpitch Softball mom/coach

"I just wanted to write and thank you for the outstanding clinic last weekend. Ive attended many coaching clinics with the likes of Bob Knight, Coach K., Rick Pitino, Doug Collins, Larry Brown, and I have to say that your thoughts and philosophies were every bit as insightful, valuable, and entertaining as were these coaching legends. Thank you also for all that you do and have done for the great game of fastpitch softball and our athletes."
- Mike Maguire
Lake County Liberty
Video Analysis

What is Video Analysis

Bring your softball game to the next level through the use of video analysis. One of the exciting features that we're able to bring you via the use of your video camera and the web - is Video Analysis.

Video analysis is a procedure in which a videotaped softball skill is analyzed using a frame-by-frame inspection of the footage. Dartfish is the world's best software program which assists in the analysis by allowing us to:

  • Highlight key points of interest by selecting and noting key moments within the skill
  • Add audio comments, text and drawings to selected key positions
  • Play reference video with key positions and notations and compare with other videos
  • Synchronize two different videos to play together
  • Publish videos, key positions, drawings, annotations and voiceover
  • Plus lots more...

How it Works

Softball Excellence offers you two different types of video analysis; we'll either analyze your video clip for you, or offer you the opportunity to purchase the best video analysis software available on the planet - Dartfish software - and let you do your own video analysis.

We Analyze Your Video
Through our partnership with Dartfish video analysis software you'll be able to email a video clip of your pitcher, or hitter, or fielder (or softball player doing any softball skill) directly to Softball Excellence. Cindy will analyze that skill and return the clip to you in a published detailed analysis format called a Mediabook.

Softball Trail

We'll even help you figure out how to do it if you want Cindy to analyze one of your players and don't have a clue how to do it. If you are interested in having Softball Excellence analyze your player video then just order our Video Anlaysis Service and if you have question you can contact us.

Buy Dartfish Software and Do it Yourself:
Dartfish software is a tremendous tool for any softball coach wanting to help themselves and their players learn through the use of video technology.

Have you ever videoed your players and never known what to do with all that video? If so, then Dartfish is just what you've been looking for. Once you transfer the video from your video camera into your computer Dartfish will allow you to analyze your video using a bunch of really cool tools oh, and they make it super easy to transfer your video from camera to computer!).

Dartfish allows you the ability to do some simple things like play your clip in regular speed, any number of slow motion speeds, you can advance your clip frame-by-frame.


Side-by-Side Comparison with Magnification

4 Video Comparisons

Beyond that, you can look at two video clips side-by-side or top-and-bottom, or up to 4 different video clips at the same time. Plus, you can draw lines on the screen, you can magnify a certain part of a clip, and, you can even add a tail to the trail of a softball to visually track the motion.

Video Overlay

Dartfish is a very powerful world-class software program used by most of the Olympic teams throughout the world and can cost up to thousands of dollars - however, Softball Excellence has partnered with Dartfish to provide our customers this software at a significant discount. Through a special partnership arrangement with Dartfish, it's available to you through Softball Excellence for a yearly rate of $240.

This tremendous price gives you the Dartfish Connect program with upgrades and support for 1 full year. After a year, if you aren't using it the way you had first thought, then you simply don't renew your subscription. But, if you're really happy with the tremendous progress your players are making as a result of seeing themselves on video - then you simply renew your subscription for another year. At $240 per year it will take you 5 years to pay for the retail cost of the Dartfish Connect program!

About the Dartfish Software Offer

COMPARE WITH THE BEST for less than 70 cents per day ($240 per year)

Unique Video Analysis Tool to help you to get to the next level


How it works:

  1. Use your own digital video camera
  2. Record each player to tape
  3. Connect your camera to your PC
  4. Capture each video clip and create your own video library
  5. Compare swings, pitching and fielding mechanics to previous clips and reference clips
  6. Deliver your analysis to players, parents and fans
Key Features of the Software:
Easily synchronize clips for comparison and analyze up to 4 vides at once using drawing tools:
  • Side by Side comparisons
  • Angle measurements
  • Timing measurements
  • Zoom for micro analysis (e.g. hand or foot positions)
Use comparisons to demonstrate mechanics and monitor progress

What you get:
Easily synchronize clips for comparison and analyze up to 4 vides at once using drawing tools:
  • Dartfish Connect Software
    • Designed to provide the essential tools to anyone who wants to perform in depth analysis, copy and read annotated clips from experts or other users. It provides an easy to use medium to communicate and share expertise.
  • Integrated user guide
    • Software help including index and search, video demonstrations.
  • Free Software Updates
    • All available software updates and patches are always available with your yearly renewal.
  • Free Email technical Support
Terms and Conditions:

The software given in this offer is the full version of the Dartfish Connect Software (further details are available by visiting with the following restriction: This version is valid for a period of one year from the date of purchase and will self-expire at the end of the period. This product may be renewed on an annual basis. If the product is not renewed before the expiration date, the software will no longer function until a renewal activation code is purchased.

Dartfish and Softball Excellence - partners in your softball success through the use of video analysis!

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