14" Training Softball

14" Training Softball
Skill Level: All
Focus: Pitching

This 14” softball, by Kenko, is a training ball specifically targeted for pitchers. Designed with a special cover that has a unique feel, this 14’ training ball allows pitchers to improve their grip and the raised seams help pitchers increase the movement of their pitches. While most 14” training balls are difficult for pitchers to hold onto and pitch, these special 14” Training Softballs by Kenko allow the pitcher to maintain their grip and learn how to better use their hand – thus improving their release, spin and overall pitching.

"I've used lots of different 14" softballs and by far, this one has the best feel for the pitchers. It's like it wakes up their fingers and really helps them use their finger pressure better during release - which results in better pitches!"

Cindy Bristow
Pitching Instructor
Softball Excellence

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