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The Hitting Summit – powered by Softball Excellence – brings together the top hitting minds in college softball. These college coaches gather to discuss, teach & explore all aspects of hitting - from fall practice to spring practice; from recruiting to confidence building; from drills to problem-solving, and so much more. No stone is left unturned, as the coaches share all aspects of what has made their programs, and their hitters, consistently the best in the country

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This product is recommended for Advanced-Level Coaches & Athletes, and contains the following:


  • Hour-long presentations that go in-depth on the subject presented
  • Video of each speaker's complete presentation
  • Each speaker's downloadable, print-ready notes, including any drills or charts mentioned


  • 20-minute deep-dive on a specific topic
  • Video of each speaker's complete presentation
  • Each speaker's downloadable, print-ready notes & drills, including any drills or charts mentioned


  • Learn from the experts as they share their experiences, thoughts and insights
  • Topics discussed are relevant to you and today's game
  • Includes complete video of each panel
  • Moderated by Cindy Bristow

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Jennifer Herzig, James Madison University
Hitting for Underdogs - How our Approach Led us to OKC

  • The JMU hitting philosophy and approach to hitting
  • Hitting drills, and more hitting drills!

Matt Meuchel, University of Arkansas
Analytics & Probability in Hitting to Help Individual & Team Performance

  • How to effectively use analytics and probability in hitting
  • The "Random Number At-Bat Generator"

Kenny Gajewski, Oklahoma State University
Developing Winning Hitters

  • The keys to developing winning hitters, inlcuding the importance of relationships, routine and competition
  • Self Evaluation Forms for Position Players and Pitchers

Stacey Nuveman Deniz, San Diego State University
Your Hitter's Approach 

  • Dugout charting & pitch sequencing
  • Having a pre at-bat plan & a post at-bat plan

Chris Malveaux, University of Missouri
Effective Drills to Create Better Hitters by Strengthening their Kinetic Chain 

  • An in-depth look at the kinetic chain, and an understanding of how it can help your hitters
  • A discussion of physical needs/assessments, and a look at 12 drills that will help strengthen your hitters kinetic chain

Mike Candrea, University of Arizona
What I Know Now That I Wish I Knew Then -  How 40 Years of Experience Has Taught the Best Hitting Coach in the Country How to be Even Better 

  • What one of the most successful coaches in softball has learned about hitting during his 40+ year coaching career
  • The importance of using video; the 3 most important things in hitting, and the 10 characteristics of successful hitters

Carol Hutchins, University of Michigan
How We Teach Our Hitters to Compete & Battle on a Daily Basis 

  • 8 ways to make your practices harder than games
  • 15+ individual and team competitive drills, plus Michigan's individual and team report card system

Karen Weekly, University of Tennessee 
Slappers - Love 'Em, Hate 'Em & Gotta Have 'Em 

  • The importance of the slapping game, and the slapping "non-negotiables"
  • 15+ drills for the bunt, slap, soft slap and hard slap

Michael Lotief, formerly University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Your Hitter's Approach 

  • The key factors in having a successful hitting approach 
  • Pitch selection & decision making

Tim Walton, University of Florida
How We Teach the Gator Hitters to Know Their Strike Zone 

  • The Gator 7 Ball Plate Approach
  • Hitting counts and the stats that matter to the Florida offense

Diane Miller, University of Nebraska
Creative & Innovative Drills for All Hitters & Budgets 

  • The 6 parts to hitting success
  • Innovative and affordable drills to work on all 6 keys to hitting success

Justin Shults, University of Oregon
Your Hitter's Approach 

  • Know your hitting philosophy
  • The importance of timing & identifying your pitcher type 

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Craig Snider, Texas A&M University
Training to Attack Pitchers 

  • An overview of Craig's plan of attack for his hitters when facing opposing pitchers
  • The "attack" practice plan, in-game adjustments and post-game debriefing

Mike Candrea, University of Arizona
How I Watch/Use Video for My Hitters 

  • The importance, and use, of video analysis in hitting
  • What to look for when analyzing video of your hitters

Diane Miller, University of Nebraska
Using Your Time to Coach 19 Hitters 

  • Samples of over 10 different hitting practices and layouts that involve all of your hitters
  • Keys to the Fall and Spring seasonal practices

Lizzy Ristano, University of Notre Dame
Hitting the Changeup 

  • Key mechanics to hitting the changeup
  • 8 drills designed to help your hitters successfully hit the changeup

Cat Heifner, New Mexico State University
Recruiting Hitters to a Non-Power 5 

  • Recruiting mistakes to avoid, and defining your recruiting paradigm
  • The keys to a solid recruiting plan to get the best players possible to your school

Tim Walton, University of Florida
My Favorite Confidence Building Drill 

  • Laying the groundwork for hitting and hitting drills to build confidence in your hitters 
  • Hitting confidence drills including T work and front toss

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Perry Husband, Pioneer in the Science of Effective Velocity
Jimmy Kolaitis, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Caitlin Lowe, University of Arizona
Craig Snider, Texas A&M University
Ralph Weekly, University of Tennessee

Topic: How to Take an Average Athlete & Make Them a Good Hitter

  • Developing bottom-of-the-lineup hitters
  • Managing hitting reps during practice & pregame warm-ups, and managing hitters expectations

Carol Hutchins, University of Michigan
Diane Miller, University of Nebraska
Tim Walton, University of Florida

Topic: Teaching Tracking, Timing & Vision 

  • How to help hitters with their tracking, timing and vision
  • Each coach's favorite tracking and timing drill

Darren Mueller, North Dakota State University
Tim Walton, University of Florida
Karen Weekly, University of Tennessee

Topic: Game Plans: How to Teach, Practice & Alter Them 

  • How to prepare a game plan, and how to teach it to your hitters
  • When to adjust your game plan, and when to ditch your game plan

Mike Candrea, University of Arizona
Caryl Drohan, Northwestern University
Carol Hutchins, University of Michigan

Topic: How Much Live vs Toss vs T's? 

  • The benefits of T-work, front toss and live pitching
  • When to use  T's, front toss and live pitching during the season

Larissa Anderson, University of Missouri (formerly Hofstra Universit)y
Lori Meyers, Minnesota State University
Mary Jo Firnbach, University of North Carolina

Topic: Our Methods for Getting Our Hitters to Come Through in the Clutch 

  • Top 2 things each coach looks for in the stats
  • How to make changes/adjustments within a multi-game series

Mike Candrea, University of Arizona
Carol Hutchins, University of Michigan
Diane Miller, University of Nebraska
Tim Walton, University of Florida

Topic: Rapid Fire Q & A 

  • Last chance question and answer session with the speakers

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