Breaking Pitch Practice Kit

Breaking Pitch Practice Kit
One (1) Set G Tee Pitching Sticks 48" GT1514Classic
One (1) Additional G Tee Heavy Duty Pitching String GT1561
Skill Level: All
Focus: Pitching

A brilliant and effective way to work on perfecting your breaking pitches!

"Whether your pitchers are practicing dropballs, riseballs, or simply trying to throw strikes, this Breaking Pitch Practice Package gives them a target as well as immediate feedback! Plus, it's easy to adjust to different heights!

~ Cindy Bristow
Softball Excellence

The Breaking Pitch Practice Kit Features:

  • Allows you to create up and down break points for your pitchers
  • Working on the Dropball - put the cord on one of the low slots and the pitch  must pass over the cord before breaking
  • Working on the Riseball - put the cord on one of the top slots and the pitch must pass under the cord before breaking
  • Need your pitchers to throw more strikes - then use both sets of Pitching Strings to create a visual strike zone (shown to the right)

The Breaking Pitch Practice Kit Includes:

  • Pitching Sticks (48"):
    • Two (2) heavy duty Pitching Sticks - 4ft tall and made of sturdy, durable plastic
    • One (1) Heavy Duty Pitching Cord
    • Each Pitching Stick has 11 different holes to allow for various Pitching Strings height placement
    • Each Pitching Stick comes with its own heavy duty base
    • Incredible two year warranty on the Pitching Sticks and their bases!
  • Extra Heavy Duty Pitching Cord:
    • Our kit comes with an extra Heavy Duty Pitching Cord to allow you to create a strike zone, or an upper and a lower break point at the same time

(GT1514 Pitching Sticks 48″ & one (1) additional GT1561 String quantity of one (1)) - Base Price


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