Beginning Pitching Training Package

BRAND NEW - Beginning Pitching Training Package
Includes FREE Month Access to the Vault Classic™!


This package consists of the perfect Training Tools for the Beginner to Intermediate Pitcher!  Cindy loves this training package because it has everything novice pitchers need to help work on wrist snap, finger and hand pressure on the ball, ball release, leg drive, and push off the mound. Your pitchers will love their new training tools, and this package is sure to help take them to the next level!

As an added bonus, you get one FREE month access to the Vault Classic™ (after the first month, your subscription will automatically renew, billed monthly). The Vault Classic™ contains ALL of our eLearning products, including 81 eDrills, 63 eSkills, 22 eClinics and 25 ePractices. All yours - FREE - with the purchase of this training package!

Vault Classic™ $25.00
2 Zip Balls $7.90
14" Training Softball $33.40
Power Pod $9.99
Foam Trainers (6 balls) $19.99
Regular Cost $96.28
YOUR COST $77.02
YOUR SAVINGS (20%) $19.26

You get all this with the Beginning Pitching Training Package:
2 Zip Balls
1 14" Training Softball
1 Power Pod
1 Package Foam Trainers
1-Month FREE Vault Classic™
Cindy's Beginning Pitching eLearning Product Recommendations (will automatically be added to your account, FREE of CHARGE, upon purchase!)

Zip Ball Training Aid (2 Balls)

  • Teaches pitchers to use their fingers correctly
  • Master the snap & spin on the curve, rise, drop & screwballs
  • Help pitchers increase the movement of their pitches
  • Zip Ball™ Instruction Sheet 

Learn more about Zip Balls

14" Training Softball 

  • Works on finger pressure on the ball at release
  • Unique feel of the ball helps pitchers improve their grip
  • Raised seams help pitchers increase the movement of their pitches
  • Teaches pitches how to better use their hand, thus improving their release & spin on the ball

Learn more about the 14" Training Softball

Power Pod

  • Get more drive & push from the legs
  • Help prevent crow-hopping
  • Use flat side up and work on wrist strengthening & wrist snap
  • Download FREE of charge Power Pod Pitching eDrill

Learn more about the Power Pod

Foam Trainers (6 Balls)

  • Size of a 12" softball, made of super lightweight porous foam
  • Learn to throw forcefully to generate distance
  • Improve control and movement of the Roll-Over Drop
  • Immediate feedback!

Learn more about the Foam Trainer

1-Month FREE of the Vault Classic™

  • Over 44 hours of video
  • Over 800 pages of print ready/downloadable notes
  • Over 125 pages of practice plans
  • Available 24 hours day/7 days a week

Learn more about the Vault Classic™

Your first month of the VAULT Classic™ Monthly is FREE of charge. If you continue to enjoy the Vault after your free month ends, do nothing and your membership will automatically continue for one low monthly fee of $25. To cancel, log into the Softball Excellence website, go to your account page, and follow the instructions. Also cancel anytime by contacting Softball Excellence. By purchasing this product you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

For the intermediate to advanced pitcher check out our Advanced Pitching Training Package.

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