The Complete Book of Pitching

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Uncover the mystery of fastpitch pitching and learn everything you want to know from how to throw faster, to having more control, throwing the advanced pitches and how to structure your practices and workouts, it’s all here in The Complete Book of Pitching.

Everything regarding the basics of softball pitching is covered in great detail. From how to grip the ball, to the role the hips play in the pitch to how a pitcher is supposed to follow through, it’s all covered in depth in Cindy’s easy-to-understand format. Packed with lots of photos The Complete Book of Pitching will help you learn how to teach your players to have more control, how to throw faster and what drills and exercises you need to use in practice to help your players improve faster.

For more advanced pitchers, The Complete Book of Pitching covers all the details needed to learn to throw the various pitches; the drop, the rise, the curve, the screwball and the change up. In addition to showing different grips for each pitch, Cindy also goes into depth with common mistakes and corrections for each pitch.

Also covered is the mental element of pitching, keys for practice to help ensure game success as well as what things to say when you take your trip out to the mound.

This book was written and edited by one of the top pitching instructors in the country, and as a result, all the good parts were left in instead of edited out in order to fit the predetermined space requirements.

The Complete Book of Pitching was written to eliminate all the myths about softball pitching and cut to the essential details all pitchers need for success.

Tables of Contents

  • Chapter 1 – Beginning Pitching
    • Overhand vs. Underhand
    • The Grip
    • Presenting the Ball
    • Starting the Motion
    • The Stride
    • The Release
    • Hand Speed
    • Hand Direction & Control
    • Wrist Snap
    • The Hips
    • Upper Body and Balance
    • Follow Through
    • Teaching a Beginner
    • Speed vs. Accuracy
    • Drills
    • Photo Sequence for Analyzing Your Pitchers
  • Chapter 2 – Advanced Pitching
    • When to Start Throwing Pitches
    • What Makes the Ball Move
    • The Pitches
    • The Drop
    • The Rise
    • The Curve
    • The Screwball
    • The Change Up
  • Chapter 3 – The Mental Element
    • Focus
    • Intensity
    • Responsibility
    • Lack of Emotional Display
    • Supporting Your Teammates
  • Chapter 4 – Practicing
    • Warming Up
    • Physical Conditioning
    • Amount of Practice
    • Length of Practice
    • Pitching Workouts & Practices
    • Off Season Practice
    • Pre-Season Practice
    • In-Season Practice
    • Pitching Games
  • Chapter 5 – Trips to the Mound
    • When to Go Talk to Your Pitcher
    • What to Say to Your Pitcher
    • When to Pull Your Pitcher


Cindy can make pitching seem simple and explains it perfectly in this great book. A must for any softball coach!
Mary Nutter
National Sports Clinics

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