The Ultimate Softball Practice Guide - Second Edition

Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced
Focus: Practice

About the Product

This is the standard book version of The Ultimate Softball Practice Guide Second Edition. Written by Cindy Bristow, this best-seller is the most complete book ever written on Softball Practice – and it includes 20 complete Practice Plans and 23 Drills!

Learn how to make your own great practices! How to make practice Fun & Challenging & Competitive! Included are Sample Practices for all Skill Levels – Beginners to Advanced! Let The Ultimate Softball Practice Guide help you get better organized, have more fun and win more games!

The Ultimate Softball Practice Guide:

  • Teaches You How to Make a Successful Practice Plan
  • Includes 20 Complete Practice Plans Ready to Use!
  • Includes 23 Drills!
  • Learn to Practice Competition & Skill Building
  • Practices for Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Teams
  • Get Organized and Enjoying Practice!


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  • 5 ePractices (ePractices 021 thru 025) – 5 downloadable detailed Practice Plans – that are IN ADDITION to the 20 practice plans outlined within this book ($14.75 value).
  • 3 eDrills (eDrills 001 thru 003) - 3 Video Drills (eDrills) presented by Cindy. Each drill includes both video demonstration and a complete drill description ($5.97 value).

This great ePackage, valued at over $20, is our way of saying thanks for purchasing The Ultimate Softball Practice Guide!

Why You Need the Ultimate Softball Practice Guide

Learn how to create your own practices, make practice fun and challenging instead of holding the same old boring practices. Included are 20 complete sample practices for both beginning and advanced level players along with some great practice drills. Increase your team’s skill level, competitiveness, intensity and success rate all by applying the information detailed within The Ultimate Softball Practice Guide!

Included in this book are 20 Sample Practices that include practices for beginning level players AND practices for advanced players as well. Learn how to plan your own practices, better organize your practices, what to do at practice, how to hold FUN practices for players of all skill levels. Cindy Bristow explains it all in an easy-to-understand format that will quickly get you filled with great practice ideas and excited about holding practice! You’ll learn how to develop great practice plans for yourself, effectively assign practice time between skills, determine the key fundamentals to practice before your first game, create flexible and reusable practice templates, incorporate games and competition into each practice, understand how kids learn, do some great softball practice drills, and discover great ways to increase your team's competitiveness.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • The Must-haves
  • Must-Haves for You
    • Preparation your way
      • Type It, Write It, Think It
    • Solid Planning
      • Total Time for the Season/Year
      • Season Needs
      • 1st Game Needs
      • Position Needs
      • Individual Needs
    • Make Good Choices
      • List All Your Info
      • Combine When Possible
      • Turn Your Planning Into Practice
      • Drill It & Fill It
      • Don’t Forget the Game Part of Softball
      • Prioritize
    • Be a Consistent You
      • Whoever You Are in Games – Be in Practice
    • Chapter Summary – Must-Haves for You
  • Must-Haves for Practice
    • Skill Building
      • Kids Learn by Doing
      • Young Kids vs. Older Kids
      • Everydays
    • Competition
      • Against the Clock
      • Against Yourself
      • Against Your Teammates
      • Competitive Challenges
    • Accountability & Consequence
      • Posting Results
      • Winners and Losers
      • “Just One More” & “End on a Good One”
    • Chapter Summary – Must-Haves for Practice
  • Be Creative
    • Equipment Creativity – What Gadgets Matter?
    • Indoor Practices
  • Sample Practices
    • Practice Introduction
    • Beginning Practices
    • Advanced Practices
      • Practicing with Small Groups
      • Whole Team Practice Situations
      • Defensive Only Practices
      • Offensive Only Practices
      • Combined Practices
  • Practice Drills
    • Clap and Go
    • Frisbee Football
    • Gladiator
    • Long, Short, Long, Short
    • No Throws Blast Ball
    • Popcorn Spit
    • Runnning Sticks
    • Throw and Go
    • Throwing Game
    • Thunderball
    • 2 and Stop
    • 8 Minutes
  • Changes for Pre, In, & Off-Season
    • Pre-Season
      • Skills & Conditioning
    • In-Season
      • Repair & Prepare
    • Off-Season
      • Learn, Experiment, Improve

Makes a great gift for Softball Coaches!

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