eSkill Package 005: Pitching - Levels 1-7

eSkill Package 005
Skill Level: 1 - 7 (Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced)
Focus: Pitching

This eSkills Package will help you improve your players Pitching Fundamentals!

This package covers the following key pitching skills:

  • Grip
  • Stride, Arm Motion, Release and Follow Through
  • Proper Pitching Motion
  • Control
  • Primary and Secondary Control Factors
  • Controlling High and Low Pitches
  • Controlling Side to Side Pitches
  • Corrections for High & Low Pitches
  • Corrections for Side to Side Pitches
  • Ways to Create More Speed
  • Primary and Secondary Speed Factors
  • Speed Inhibitors
  • Change Ups
  • Pop Change Ups (Palm Forward)
  • Flip Change Ups (Backhand)
  • Drop Ball
  • Peel Drop Grips & Keys
  • Roll Over Drop Grips & Keys
  • Rise Ball
  • 2 Different Types
  • Keys for Both
  • Grips for Both
  • Seasonal Workout Goals & Objectives
  • Off Season Goals & Objectives
  • Pre Season Goals & Objectives
  • Early In-Season Goals & Objectives
  • Later In-Season Goals & Objectives

eSkills are presented in full motion instructional video and pictures, with expert softball coaching instruction presented by Cindy in her easy-to-understand manner. There are also printable reference materials that you can download and take to the field with you.

In a Rush?

Each of the 7 eSkills in this package are quick training seminars (less than 15 minutes long) that are level and skill specific. eSkills are skill specific excerpts from our Certification training, so if you are interested in learning more about a particular skill rather than all skills within a given certification level, then eSkill Packages are for you! They're meant to be quick instructional tools to help you increase your proficiency in one specific skill area.

How You Benefit by Using eSkills:

  1. Win more games by improving your coaching knowledge
  2. Unmatched quality of pictures, video and instruction!
  3. Level specific skill instruction
  4. Express Delivery - they're available for you to Watch NOW!
  5. No subscription fees!
  6. Great customer service to answer any question
  7. No Shipping fees or taxes!

eSkills are the quickest way for you to get quality coaching instruction and skill specific softball training.

Listen to world-class instruction and see the skill being done correctly. Cindy will teach you the overview of the skill, then cover the specific details and fundamentals, followed by a review. Each skill is professionally narrated and includes pictures, video, step-by-step details, key points, and common problems & corrections.

They’re guaranteed to help you become a better teacher and coach of the game of Softball!

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