The Anywhere Ball - 12 Pack

Mojo Ball Softball Baseball Training Tool to replace whiffle ballsThe Anywhere Ball - Dozen (12 Balls)
Skill Level: All
Focus: Hitting and Fielding

Anywhere Balls (formerly called Mojo Balls) are practice balls that are designed for hitting and fielding. They are perfect for your hitting practice, as The Anywhere Ball provides immediate feedback for hitters - it travels far when hit solidly, yet collapse if miss-hit. They are also an excellent training tool for fielders as the foam material the ball is made with doesn't hurt if a player gets hit by the ball. Best of all - the Anywhere Ball is super durable and doesn't break!

  • Are Your Players Bored With Hitting Wiffle Balls?
  • Do You Have Limited Warmup Space?
  • Is Your Practice Hitting Area Limited?
  • Are Your Fielders Afraid of the Ball?

The Ideal Training Tool for HITTERS: Unlike wiffle balls that don’t go anywhere when hit or provide any feedback when hit solidly, Anywhere Balls do provide immediate feedback on both solid hits and on miss-hits. The Anywhere Ball is ideal for pre-game warmups and practice, plus – they don’t break!


Mojo Ball gives instant feedback and is easy to store and carry

Made from a space-age foam, Anywhere Balls are safe to use indoors, during pre-game warmups, at camps, or in a cage without a screen. Your hitters will love how the Anywhere Ball feels when they hit one solidly and it really travels. And when they miss-hit the ball, hitting either the top or the bottom, The Anywhere Ball squishes on impact and doesn't travel very far – providing immediate feedback.

For your advanced hitters, you can throw them all types of pitches using The Anywhere Ball. If you can throw a drop, rise, curve or screwball with a regular ball, then you’ll be able to make The Anywhere Ball move as well.

The Ideal Training Tool for Fielders: By practicing with Anywhere Balls, fielders can build their confidence on groundballs and flyballs by removing their fear of the ball. A player can get hit with The Anywhere Ball and it doesn't hurt! Mojo Ball can help your hitters help themselves

The Anywhere Ball is a great training tool for all ages and skill levels:

  • Safe to use indoors, or in confined spaces
  • Won't destroy fences!
  • Travels far when hit solidly
  • Responds well when hit hard
  • Instant feedback when miss hit
  • Front toss without having to use a screen
  • Solid feel at impact versus a wiffle ball
  • Training tool for infielders & outfielders
  • Helps fielders focus on moving their hands (can be used without glove)
  • Lightweight & squishable for easy transport (you can squish 48 Mojo Balls down to the size of a softball glove for easy packing)
  • Fun
  • Safe
  • Indoors or Outdoors
  • Camps & Clinics
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