Manual: Softball Hitting Drills for a Great Swing

Skill Level: Beginner & Advanced
Focus: Hitting

About the Product

This is the standard manual version of our Hitting Drills manual. Developed by Cindy Bristow, Softball Hitting Drills for a Great Swing is packed with over 75 great hitting drills designed to improve all aspects of the swing for beginning, intermediate and advanced hitters.

This manual is packed with photos and diagrams so you not only read about the Purpose and Setup for each drill but you can read and see just how each drill works. Energize your practices; improve your hitters and most of all score more runs with this brand new Hitting Drills manual only from Softball Excellence!

Tables of Contents

Organized by category this new Hitting Drills manual gives you over 75 drills to help your hitters improve any of the following parts of their swing:

  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Stance
  • Load/Negative Move
  • Swing Path - Hands
  • Stride & Weight Shift
  • General Swing & Follow Through
  • Pitch Tracking
  • Pitch Selection
  • Pressure Hitting
  • Confidence
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