50 Infield Drills Manual

About the Product

This Infield Drills manual is packed with 50 great softball drills designed to help you create better beginning or advanced level infielders. Starting with drills designed to teach beginning players how to stop a ground ball and advancing through multiple hitter drills that work on 2 infielders at the same time, this manual will help your infielders drastically improve their fielding skills.

Learn better ways to practice with your individual infielders in addition to working with a group of infielders. As with all of Cindy’s books and Drill Manuals it’s all proven effective and written in an easy-to-follow format.

Tables of Contents

  • Chapter 1 – Drills to Practice the Basics of Infield Play
  • Chapter 2 – Group and Team Drills to Practice Infield Play
  • Chapter 3 – Drills
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