All 4 Books, ePackage 001, All 6 Drill Manuals, Catching DVD, and Outfield DVD Package

About the Package

This package includes all of our books and drill manuals as well as the Catching DVD, the Outfield DVD, 3 eDrills, and 5 ePractices. Save $55 by buying the package.

This is a great package for any softball coach or league looking for a complete library of great instructional material. Packed with over 200 drills and over 500 pages of instruction and 25 proven successful practice plans, this is a can’t-miss package for any serious softball coach.

Included in this Deluxe Package is:

  • Softball Strategies, Coverages, Signals and Charts - book
  • The Complete Book of Pitching - book
  • The Ultimate Softball Practice Guide - Book
  • A Coaches Guide to Creating Team Chemistry – book
  • Softball Hitting Drills for a Great Swing – Drill Manual
  • 30 Drills for Pitchers - Drill Manual
  • Team Drills – Drill Manual
  • Outfield Drills – Drill Manual
  • 50 Infield Drills – Drill Manual
  • Pitching Workouts & Practices – Drill Manual
  • The Fundamentals of Catching DVD
  • The Fundamentals of Outfield Play DVD
  • ePackage 001 - Package of 3 eDrills (eDrills 001 thru 003) and 5 ePractices (ePractices 021 thru 025). This ePackage will be immediately added to your Softball Excellence locker (account) upon purchase of this Deluxe Package.
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