Spin Right Spinner Training Aid for Pitching and Throwing

Spinner Training Aid for Pitching & Throwing
Skill Level: Beginner & Advanced
Focus: Pitching and Throwing

The Spin Right Spinner is a fast pitch softball training aid that was designed to teach the spins and rotations of the softball to pitchers and overhand throwers. Learn correct rotations for:

  • Fast Ball
  • Rise Ball
  • Drop Ball
  • Curve Ball
  • Change Up
  • Overhand Throw

The Spinner comes with written and online instructions to help understand how to use it to the best advantage of the athlete. Also included are numerous spinner drills, which are fully explained and demonstrated in the online instructions.


  • Is the size and weight of an official 12" softball
  • Has two sets of molded seams on the edge to give the athlete an honest feel for the ball
  • Will eliminate repeated error that occurs when the athlete, coach or catcher can not see the rotation of the softball, thus making practice time more efficient
  • Becomes an immediate deterrent from injury helping the athlete to avoid repeating incorrect motions and movements
  • Provides a clear understanding of the difficult hand and wrist positions essential to throwing the rise, curve, and turnover drop ball
  • Teaches the proper technique of coming over the ball for the overhand throw as opposed to the side arm release.

Spin Right Spinner Softball Training Aid Pitching and Throwing Colors Green Yellow

Spinner Kit Includes:

  • Spinner
  • Spinner instructions on packaging, and watch spinner instructions here


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