ePackage 007 - Softball Excellence Coaching Certification Online Courses - Levels 1 thru 7

Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Focus: Coaching Certification Training - Levels 1 thru 7

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What's Covered in this ePackage?

  • All 7 Levels of the Softball Excellence Coaching Certification Program - each Level is designed to educate coaches in the core softball skills required for success!
  • Eight hours (8) of online coaches training and over 150 pages of dowloadable notes that will expand and improve your coaching knowledge and ability!
  • Eleven (11) different skills are presented for each skill level - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.
  • Each Level of Certification includes an online exam following the eClinic to test your knowledge of the material presented. Upon successfully completing the exam you will be sent a Certificate of Completion from Softball Excellence!

Check out our Softball Excellence Certification Topic Matrix to get a look at what’s covered within each of the eleven skill topics for all 7 levels of certification.

Continuing Education (CE) and Professional Development Opportunities:

You love coaching softball, and you want to become a better teacher and coach of the game. You should get credit for the time, energy and money you put into becoming the best coach you can be. Upon purchase of this Certification Training we will immediately download into your account on www.softballexcellence.com credentials to provide to your administrators for continuing education and professional development consideration.

Topics covered in ePackage 007 include:

  • Communication
    • Keys and Coaching Responsibilities
    • Handling Frustration
    • Working with Parents
    • Learning Styles
    • Body Language and Tone
    • Keys to the Female Athlete
  • Throwing
    • Basics
    • Change of Direction Throws
    • Feeds Around Bases
    • Throwing on the Run
    • hrowing Errors
    • Relays and Cutoffs
    • Spin Throws
  • Fielding:
    • Infield
      • Groundball Basics
      • Short hops, Forehands, Backhands
      • Covering a Base
      • Double Plays
      • IF/OF Communications
      • Diving
      • Backing Up
    • Outfield
      • Flyball Basics
      • Drop Step & Using Angles
      • Fielding Groundballs
      • Balls in the Sun & On the Fence
      • IF/OF Communications
      • Diving
      • Backing Up
  • Hitting
    • Swing Basics
    • Twisting Problems
    • Creating Power
    • Pitch Selection & Timing
    • Hitting to the Opposite Field
    • Hitting Different Pitches
    • Hitting Adjustments
  • Bunting
    • Sacrifice Basics
    • Controlling Direction
    • Base Hit Bunt
    • Squeeze Bunt
    • Push/Slug Bunt
    • Running Slap
    • Combo Bunt
  • Baserunning
    • 1B & Leadoffs
    • Rounding Bases & Balanced Leads
    • Sliding
    • Rules and Dive Backs
    • 2B & 3B Leads
    • Angle Down – GB Go Play
    • Delayed Steal
  • Pitching
    • Basics
    • Improving Accuracy
    • Increasing Speed
    • Change Up
    • Drop
    • Rise
    • Seasonal Workouts
  • Catching
    • Basics
    • Blocking
    • Throws on Steals
    • Giving Signals
    • Framing
    • Maximizing the Pitcher
    • Pitch Calling
  • Strategy
    • Lineups
    • Positions
    • Bunt Coverages
    • Rundowns
    • Crucial Strategy Keys
    • Signals from 3B
    • Calling Pitches from Dugout
  • Practice
    • Organization
    • Effective 1 Coach Practices
    • Daily Improvements
    • Competition
    • Accountability & Consequence
    • Game Situation Practices
    • Off, Pre and In Season Practices

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The Levels 1 - 7 Softball Excellence Coaching Certification ePackage includes:

  • All of our Level 1--7 eSkills
  • Detailed online instruction you can watch ANYTIME and as OFTEN as you want
  • Downloadable specially created printable notes pages with all the key teaching and coaching points and space for you to jot down your own notes as you watch the online clinic
  • 7 30 question online exams following the eClinic to test your knowledge of the material presented
  • Coaches Training Certificates from Softball Excellence for each exam you pass
  • A great way for any coach to learn more about the Details of Coaching Softball on their own schedule!

How you benefit by taking Softball Excellence Certification Training:

  • Improve your understanding of Softball Fundamentals
  • Increases Coaching Enjoyment
  • Encourages Better Communication with Players
  • Teaches Proper Skills Techniques
  • Tests Your Knowledge of the Material Covered

It’s all presented by Cindy in her easy-to-understand manner with detailed pictures, video, explanations and instruction.

Why eClinics?

  1. Listen to and watch a professional softball clinic session right now on your computer screen!
  2. Win more games by increasing your knowledge & your players skills.
  3. Express Delivery: they're available for you to watch right NOW!
  4. Save hundreds of $$ over attending a clinic in-person.

eClinics are the first-of-it's kind technology that use world-class instruction, photos and video to bring you amazing instruction - right through your computer screen!

Watch & Listen to Cindy as she teaches you just like being at a clinic - without the airfare, hotel or registration fee!

Every eClinic includes the specials details, steps, key points, common problems, corrections and keys for success required of that particular skill and are delivered by Cindy in her common-sense approach.

They're guaranteed to help you become a better teacher and coach of the game and to ultimately win more softball games. eClinics are not available anywhere else!

Makes a great gift for Softball Coaches!

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