Zip Ball Training Aid - 10 Cases each with Instructional Drills

The Zip Ball - Great for Teams, Camps and Clinics - Save 20%

The Ultimate Softball/Baseball Training Aid

Zip Ball 10 DozenQuantity: 10 Cases (10 Cases = 10 Dozen, which equals 120 total balls)
- Save 20% off the regular price with the purchase of 10 Cases (10 Dz)
- Each Case (Dz) comes with a free download of ePackage 008: Zip Ball eDrills

Zip Ball™ Origin

Cindy Bristow was searching for something to help her students (College to 8U) with spin, hand-eye coordination, tracking and a number of other skills. She tried every product she could get her hands on and was not happy with any of them – the weights were not quite right, the size was not quite right or the construction and materials were not right, etc. So, Softball Excellence had our own product engineered exactly to Cindy’s specifications, specifically for softball/baseball skill training.

After months of refining and trials we are confident we have nailed it – the Zip Ball™ is an awesome training tool!

Zip Ball

About the Zip Ball™

  • Weight specifically engineered to support successful skill transition from Zip Ball™ to regulation softball/baseball
  • Zip Ball™ is 7 inches in circumference - Perfectly sized to improve hand-eye coordination, vision & tracking skills, fielding skills, and pitching snaps
  • Optic yellow leather cover and seam construction
  • Multi-skill training tool for pitching, hitting, bunting, catching, infield and outfield
  • Designed for drill work, cage work, live pitching, defensive work, and batting practice
  • Improves players of all ages, skill levels, and positions

Zip Ball size compared to regulation softball

Who should use the Zip Ball™

The Zip Ball™ is a softball/baseball training tool that is great for players of all ages, skill levels and positions.

  • Pitchers - Master the snap and spin on your curve, rise, drop & screwballs.
  • Hitters - Improve your vision, tracking and bunting skills.
  • Fielders - Learn better body positioning, receiving skills and tracking skills.
  • Catchers - Improve blocking and glove to hand transfer for quicker throws.


Included with this Product

  • 10 Boxed Zip Ball Cases (10 Dz)
  • Each Case contains 12 Individually Boxed Zip Ball™
  • Zip Ball™ Instruction Sheet in each box
  • ePackage 008: Zip Ball™ eDrills for pitching, hitting, bunting, slapping, throwing, infield, outfield and catching (will automatically be added to your account, FREE OF CHARGE, upon purchase!)


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What Coaches are Saying About the Zip Ball™

Georgetown University loves the Zip Ball


Just a quick update on the Zip Ball. I LOVE IT!!!! We have used them with our catchers and infielders - really working on getting the ball out of the glove faster. Also incorporated them into our infield and outfield daily ball drills...and combined them with the little gator gloves as well. My favorite use is obviously for pitching! The Zip Ball really lets the girls focus on involving their fingers in all the snaps. As much as I talk about it I was never sure they were understanding or feeling it. With the Zip Ball ball they can. It's almost as if a light bulb went off! They are perfect. Everyone needs to have some!!!!

~ Pat Conlon
Head Softball Coach
Georgetown University

University of Wisconsin EAU Clair loves the Zip Ball

Our pitchers are using them for spin work, and our position players use them with soft hands for fielding and throwing. Our catchers also use them with soft hands to work on quick hands in the transfer and our hitters do tee hitting with Zip Balls as well. They are VERY beneficial for us are probably the single tool that we are most excited about this year!

~ Leslie Huntington
Head Softball Coach
University of Wisconsin Eau Claire
(2008 NCAA Division III National Champions)

Cedarbur High School in Cedarburg Wisconsin loves the Zip Ball


We used the zip ball this last weekend during a pitching clinic and for the first time some of the girls/ladies were able to really fell and actually see the rotation of the ball. Just using it for the pitching clinic was well worth it and so far has been one the best teaching aids I have used.

~ Terry Wagner
Head Softball Coach
Cedarburg High School, Wisconsin



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