eClinic 022: The Comprehensive Pitching Blueprint: How to Understand it All

eClinic 022
Skill Level: All
Focus: Pitching, Practice, Mental Game, Communication

Are you trying to understand Pitching better? Could you use some great drills to help your pitchers get faster, or have better pitch movement or control? Could your pitchers be mentally stronger? Have you ever wondered why your pitchers look great in practice, but  then struggle during games? If you need  help with all this, and more, then this almost 3-hour eClinic, presented live at the National Fastpitch Coaches Association (NFCA) Convention, is exactly what you need!

This comprehensive and detailed clinic on Pitching includes: Video of every drill mentioned; downloadable print-ready notes, and tons of fantastic information - all presented by Cindy in her entertaining and easy-to-understand manner.

This Step-by-Step Blueprint to Pitching Includes:
  • Introduction (5:52)
  • Skills for Today's Pitching Coach (5:21)
  • How Common Pitching Wisdom Isn’t Very Wise (1:34)
  • Difficult vs Complicated Really Matters in Pitching (5:26)
  • How We Have Pitching Backwards (38:34)
  • An Olympic Pitching Study & What the Experts Say (18:55)
  • Why Our Pitchers Can’t Do It In Games? (15:05)
  • Mental Toughness & Muscle Memory (7:09)
  • How to Make Your Drills & Workouts More Game-Like (02:36)
  • Drill Creativity and Riseball Drills (9:54)
  • Dropball Drills (2:14)
  • Curveball and Screwball Drills (4:39)
  • Wrap It Up: Q & A (41:43)
Recorded live at the NFCA Convention, this Pitching Seminar will:
  • Show you the similarities between throwing overhand and pitching underhand.
  • Teach you drills to improve speed, control and movement.
  • Give you a ton of ideas to improve your pitching workouts!
  • Show you how to simplify what you teach your pitchers, and the important difference between simple and easy.  

This eClinic will guide you through the super-confusing world of Pitching by showing you what’s really important, why it’s important and HOW to lead your pitchers to success!

Training Aids Highlighted in this Clinic include:

It's all presented by Cindy in her easy-to-understand manner with a complete and thorough verbal and visual explanation each step of the way.

This softball eClinic includes:

  • Detailed online instructional presentation that you can watch ANYTIME and as OFTEN as you want.
  • Downloadable, printable notes pages with all the key teaching and coaching points and space for you to jot down notes as you watch the online clinic.
  • Drills and Exercises to do with your own Pitchers!

How You Benefit by Using eClinics

  1. Listen to and watch a professional softball clinic session right now on your computer screen!
  2. Win more games by improving your knowledge & your players skills
  3. Express Delivery: they’re available for you to watch NOW!
  4. Save hundreds of $$ over attending a clinic in-person.
  5. eClinics are only available from Softball Excellence!
  6. No shipping fees or taxes!

eClinics include:

  • Photos, Diagrams and/or Video of the Specific Topic
  • Step-by-step details & key points
  • Downloadable specially created printable note pages with all the key teaching and coaching points and space for you to jot down your own notes as you watch the online clinic
  • Detailed online instruction that you can watch ANYTIME and as OFTEN as you want

eClinics are the first-of-it's kind technology that use world-class instruction, photos and video to bring you amazing instruction – right through your computer screen! Watch & Listen to Cindy as she teaches you like you were at a clinic - without the airfare, hotel or registration fee!

Every eClinic includes the special details, steps, key points, common problems, corrections and keys for success required of that particular skill and are delivered by Cindy in her common-sense approach.

They’re guaranteed to help you become a better teacher and coach of the game and to ultimately win more softball games. eClinics are not available anywhere else!


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