Pitch-Path Practice Kit

Pitch-Path Kit:
One (1) G Tee 3 Base Assembly GT31107
Two (2) G Tee Pitch Break Rods GTPBR36

Skill Level: All
Focus: Pitching

A brilliant and effective way to work on perfecting your pitch path!

"These are the only training tools I've ever found to help pitchers visually create their pitch path. The incredibly innovative and durable pitching rods give your pitchers immediate feedback on their pitch path. They helped my pitchers from Day 1!"

Cindy Bristow
Softball Excellence

The Pitch-Path Kit Features:

  • Ideal for creating visual paths for a specific type of pitch, or to simply create the sides of the strke zone
  • Both Pitch Break Rods are flexible so they won't break when hit by a pitch
  • The 3 Base Assembly allows you to place your two (2) Pitch Break Rods in either the two outside slots - creating a wider pitch path, or the two adjacent slots - creating an inside or an outside pitch path

The Pitch-Path Kit Includes:

  • 3 Base Assembly - Allows you 3 different easy-placement options for your two (2) Pitch Break Rods. Made of sturdy, durable plastic (12" x 23.5") with metal insertion slots for the Pitch Break Rods
  • Two (2) Pitch Break Rods - These Pitch Break Rods (36") are flexible and designed to prevent breaking when hit by a pitch
  • Incredible two year warranty on both the Pitching Rods and the Base!





(GT3PBR362) - Base Price


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