Gorilla Gold Grip Enhancer

Gorilla Gold Grip Enhancer
Skill Level: Advanced
Focus: Pitching, Hitting

Whether you’re playing in the rain, heat, or humidity – having a grip on the bat or the ball really matters, and this innovative product will help you do just that! Gorilla Gold Grip Enhancer is an incredibly easy way to get a grip! The cloth is clean, won’t stain or leave a lingering sticky feeling, and yet it helps you successfully handle moisture, no matter the environment. It doesn’t leave a foreign substance on your hand or the bat, so it’s legal in all softball organizations. Better than rosin, and lasts longer!

“Humidity is a huge issue with the pitchers I work with, and Gorilla Gold took care of that immediately! Rosin will often clog up, but this product stays tacky no matter what. It’s great for pitchers and hitters!”

~ Cindy Bristow, Softball Excellence

Gorilla Gold Non-Toxic Grip Enhancer

  • All Natural - Non-toxic
  • Resealable bag
  • One cloth per bag
  • Cloth last 3-6 weeks

Great for Pitchers ... 

  • Contains a light resin which helps keep the pitcher's hand dry
  • Improves the feel and control for the pitcher without contaminating the ball
  • Leaves no residue on the ball

... And For Hitters & Fielders

  • For use on hands, gloves and grips
  • Effective on wood or aluminum bats
  • Use on bats and batting gloves with no mess
  • Ideal for wet grass or sweaty hands when fielding
  • Dissipates quickly with no lingering sticky feel

Order in packs of 1, 3 or 6!!

Approved by NFHS, USA Softball (ASA), NCAA Softball, USSSA, ISF NFHS, ISC
(Check your local association for rules governing foreign substance/protective wraps)



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