Advanced Hitting Training Package

BRAND NEW - Advanced Hitting Training Package
Includes FREE Month Access to the Hitting Summit Vault!


Take your hitters to the next level with Cindy's hand-picked package of Training Aids for the intermediate to advanced hitter. Make hitting fun and challenging with this incredible package consisting of Zip Balls, Curve & Screw Ball Hitting Trainer, Hitting Disks, Tee StackerPower Pod and Top of the Line Batting Tee. All of these training tools are designed to help your hitters with their hitting mechanics, tracking, timing, and hand-eye coordination. Your hitters will thank you!

As an added bonus, you get one FREE month access to the Hitting Summit Vault (after the first month, your subscription will automatically renew, billed monthly). The Hitting Summit Vault contains the Speaker Sessions, Micro-Topic Sessions and Panel Sessions from the College Hitting Summits.  Get it now - FREE - with the purchase of this training package!

Hitting Summit Vault $40.00
Zip Balls (One Dozen) $39.95
Curve & Screw Ball Hitting Trainers (3 balls) $9.99
Hitting Disks (6 Disks) $43.97
Tee Stacker $13.95
Power Pod $9.99
Top of the Line Batting Tee $113.95
Regular Cost $271.80
YOUR COST $231.03
Your SAVINGS $40.77

You get all this with the Advanced Hitting Training Package:
1 Dozen Zip Balls
1 Package Curve & Screw Ball Hitting Trainers (3 balls)
6 Hitting Disks
1 Tee Stacker
1 Power Pod
1 Top of the Line Batting Tee
1-Month FREE Hitting Summit Vault

Zip Ball Training Aid (One Dozen)

  • Works on timing, focus, concentration & hand-eye coordination
  • Ideal for bunting and tee work
  • Focus on hitting the back of the ball
  • Comes with FREE Zip Ball™ Drills!

Learn more about Zip Balls

Curve & Screw Ball Hitting Trainers (3 Balls)

  • Ideal for practicing hitting curveballs & screwballs
  • Requires no pitching expertise!
  • Use indoors or outdoors, made of soft foam
  • Downloadable How to Instructions

Learn more about the Curve & Screw Ball Hitting Trainers

Hitting Disk (6 Disks)

  • Helps your players have more powerful swings
  • Teaches palm-up, palm down position at impact
  • Provides instant instructional feedback
  • Detailed instruction sheet with proper use and technique
  • Download FREE of charge Hitting Disk eDrill

Learn more about Hitting Disks

Tee Stacker 

Learn more about Tee Stackers

Power Pod 

Learn more about the Power Pod

Top of the Line Batting Tee (One Tee)

  • The "Rolls Royce" of batting tees
  • Heavyweight & durable
  • Adjusts from 22 inches to 41 inches high
  • Completely portable & easy to assemble or disassemble

Learn more about the Top of the Line Batting Tee

1-Month FREE of  the Hitting Summit Vault

  • Puts you in the room with the best Hitting Minds in Softball
  • Discover the secrets to swing mechanics, problem solving, drills & so much more!
  • 7 hours of video
  • 100 pages of downloadable/print-ready notes
  • Available 24 hours day/7 days a week

Learn more about the Hitting Summit Vault

Your first month of the Hitting Summit Vault - Monthly is FREE of charge. If you continue to enjoy the Vault after your free month ends, do nothing and your membership will automatically continue for one low monthly fee of $40. To cancel, log into the Softball Excellence website, go to your account page, and follow the instructions. Also cancel anytime by contacting Softball Excellence. By purchasing this product you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

For beginning hitters check out our Beginning Hitting Training Package.

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