ePackage 005 - Package of 5 ePractices (ePractices 011, 016, 017, 018, 019)

ePackage 005
Skill Level: Advanced
Focus: Offense and Defense

What makes this one different? This Advanced Level ePractice Package includes 5 ePractices which are sure to help the advanced player improve in all aspects of the game (all 5 of the ePractices in this package are also in The Ultimate Softball Practice Guide).

The 5 ePractices you get with this package and their areas of focus are:

  • 011 - Infield, Outfield and Situations with Signals
  • 016 - Batting Practice & Rundowns
  • 017 - Batting Practice & Bunt Defense 
  • 018 - Getting your players to hit one of the 1st 2 pitches 
  • 019 - Bunt Defense & a 6 Station Batting Practice 

Advanced players don't always need to practice every skill every day so these ePractices will either be Offense only, Defense only or else a mix of Offensive & Defensive skills. 

How You Benefit by Using ePractices:

  1. Printable and clipboard ready!
  2. Minute-by-minute proven successful ready-made practice plans
  3. Avoid the frustration of figuring out what today’s practice will be
  4. Put fun, excitement and variety back into your practices
  5. Impress the parents with your organization & knowledge
  6. No Shipping fees or taxes!

Each Advanced ePractice is designed for intermediate to advanced level teams, and provides proven methods for helping your players improve in a fun, fast-paced, fresh and successful environment.

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