Curve & Screw Ball Hitting Trainers (3 Balls per Pack)

Focus: Hitting
Skill Level: Advanced

The Curve & Screw Ball Hitting Trainer is a Fantastic training ball that let’s your Hitters practice hitting Curveballs and Screwballs!

These balls require no pitching expertise to make them move into and away from a hitter. Help your hitters prepare to face curveballs and screwballs using the Foam Hit/Curve Trainer balls.

Made of soft foam these balls are safe, easy to use, and incredibly effective to help your hitters improve their tracking and hand-eye coordination! Use Indoors or Outdoors and don’t require a front toss screen!

Included in Order:

  • Three 9 inch Foam Hit/Curve Trainer Balls

Also Available:

The Foam Hit/Curve Trainer is a terrific tool to help improve the tracking, hand-eye coordination and confidence of all your hitters to successfully handle moving pitches during a game. The Foam Hit/Curve Trainer:

  • Allows a non-pitcher to throw curveballs, screwballs
  • Increases Tracking Skill of Your Hitters
  • Helps Improve Pitch Selection
  • Prepares Your Hitters for Curveball & Screwball Pitch Movement
  • Made of Soft-Foam so it’s Safe
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Great Value
  • Game-like conditions for Your Hitters
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