iPod nano (4G) Softball Excellence Skin

iPod nano (4G) Softball Excellence Skin

If you have a new Apple Video Nano, we've got you (and your Nano) covered! Our iPod Nano Softball Excellence skins are inexpensive and easy to apply, and they completely change the look of your iPod in minutes. Protect your iPod from scratches with a Softball Excellence skin guaranteed not to fade, smudge, or smear.

It's hard to believe Apple is up to the fourth generation of the iPod nano already. Each generation brought had some great changes, but there's always the need to personalize it! Our custom Softball Excellence skins are precision engineered to fit the revised form factor of the iPod nano fourth generation (4G) model.

Our new iPod nano 4G Softball Excellence skins are designed to cover the front and rear of your iPod nano, they dress it up, protect it from minor scratches and they're easily removable (no goo or residue), washable and will never fade, smudge or smear!We consider the 4th generation iPod nano to be a back to basics for Apple. The sleek, metallic form factor shares more with the 1st and 2nd generation models than the chubby little 3rd generation one. It's also good to see that Apple's stepping up and offering their widest range of colors yet on the iPod nano.

Tastes change, though ... that bright yellow nano may float your boat this month, but it can get played pretty quickly. Plus, the metallic finish can get marred pretty easily. Protect it with style by rocking a full-color Softball Excellence skin!

For the cost of a couple gallons of gas, you can dress up your 4th generation (4G) iPod nano and protect it from the minor abuse that makes it look dingy at the same time. Our high-res designs are digitally printed on a premium grade adhesive backed vinyl using vibrant, UV-resistant inks and a glossy protective coating for the a durable and stylish finish.

Bonus! Each skin kit includes a matching piece for the top of the bundled Apple docking station cap. Softball Excellence skin kits cover the front and back of the device with a single small seam on one side and do it all without adding any bulk; that allows them to work with most third-party cases and accessories!

Dress your new 4th Gen iPod® nano for the ball field with an authentic Softball Excellence skin! This skin features our "Softball Excellence" design printed on premium grade adhesive-backed vinyl which is then covered with a clear gloss protective layer for the durability.

It's a great way to protect your iPod from minor scratches and abuse, applies with ease and (as you'd expect), goo-free removal!


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