About Softball Excellence Clinics

Take your skills and knowledge of the game of softball to the next level!

Cindy can customize an instructional clinic to best meet the needs of your organization. The content of each clinic will be tailored to meet your specific needs - taking into consideration the experience level of your coaches, and your players age groups and skill levels - and can be designed to include both lecture and hands-on training sessions (in a gym or on the field).

You will be exposed to progressive methods of softball training where principles and skills are taught to help prepare for competition and games. In addition to coach and player development, clinics can include sessions on the following:

  • Tactics - with specific principles and exercises for the development of tactical skills through individual, small group, and team tactics
  • The development of technical skills using progressive, easy to understand exercise's and drills that motivate your athletes

Cindy will work with you to design a clinic customized with the specific knowledge and training to help take your players and coaches to the next level. Clinics are as beneficial for the first year coach who needs a solid coaching foundation, as they are to the veteran coach who will learn the latest techniques along with new drills!

Cindy is a Seasoned Clinician

  • Cindy is an accomplished fastpitch softball clinician with over 25 years of experience. She can hold clinics for your coaches and/or your players on any topic and, on any skill level.
  • Cindy has conducted hundreds of clinics on every aspect of the game and at all levels - from recreation play to the Olympic level. She has taught softball all over the world, from Australia to China, to the Czech Republic to India, to Africa to Greece, to Canada to the Netherlands.
  • Cindy has a simple and understandable approach to softball training. She will come to your facility and work closely with your players and/or coaches to raise their softball skills, knowledge, and love of the game!

"Giving clinics is one of my absolute favorite things! I really enjoy interacting with coaches and players" ~Cindy Bristow

“I just wanted to thank Cindy for coming out to California to work with my staff.  We had a great two days working pitching, hitting, fielding and so much more.  Cindy helped myself and my staff to think outside the box!  The concepts we learned will  layer on top of the strong fundamentals that we already have as a staff.  Thank you for such an inspiring workshop!” ~Leann Emery, Pres. Cutting Edge Softball Inc. /Pitching Instructor (San Jose, Ca)

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen the foundation of youth softball and "energize" the grassroots of the game by providing quality softball instruction. Softball Excellence is the premiere softball instructional educational resource for organizations, and players and coaches, as they look to expand their knowledge of the game for the betterment of the team and individual players. Softball Excellence is dedicated to improving coaches knowledge and understanding, and enhancing player development, at all skill and experience levels.

How to get Started

Cindy will travel to you to conduct an enjoyable and motivating clinic targeted specifically to the needs of your players and/or coaches. Your clinic will be:

  • Audience-tailored
  • Age-tailored
  • Skill-tailored
  • Level-tailored instruction 

To get started, follow these three (3) simple steps:

  1. Needs Assessment - use the questions below to help you identify the specific needs you have and the objectives you would llike to accomplish at YOUR clinic.
  2. Consultation - contact Cindy to share your needs assessment and she will work with you to layout a custom clinic designed to accomplish your specific objectives.
  3. Schedule - we will work closely with you to finalize all the event details - dates, times, fees, equipment, facilities, etc.

Softball Excellence Custom Clinic Needs Assessment (pick one from each group)


  • Coaches
  • Players
  • Coaches & Players


  • We want Cindy to be the only clinician providing the training
  • We will have additional clinicians involved with the training

Skill Level:

  • Beginning/Entry Level (new to playing or coaching)
  • Intermediate (been at it about 3-4 years)
  • Advanced (been at it awhile)


  • Pitching - Beginning topics
    • The fastball basics
    • Common Mistakes beginners make
    • How to practice with beginning pitchers
    • How to increase your pitchers speed
    • How to improve your pitchers accuracy
    • Common misunderstandings with the fastball basics
  • Pitching - Advanced topics
    • The Curveball basics, problems and corrections
    • The Risebal basics, problems and corrections
    • The Dropball basics, problems and corrections
    • The Screwball basics, problems and corrections
    • The Change Up basics, problems and corrections
    • How to Practice with Advanced Pitchers
    • How to Analyze Game Effectiveness with Advanced Pitchers
    • How to Call Games - for catchers, coaches and pitchers
  • Hitting
  • The Running Slap
  • Bunting
  • Baserunning
  • Fielding (infield)
  • Fielding (outfield)
  • Catching
  • Position Play
  • Defensive Coverages & Strategy
  • Offensive Plays & Strategy
  • Charting and Scouting
  • How to Call a Game
  • What to do during Practice
  • How to Make Your Practice More Competitive
  • How to Handle the Mental Aspects of Dealing with Your Players
  • Plus tons more


  • 4 hours (able to return home that same night)
  • 1 Day (7 hours of clinic)
  • 2 Days (12 total hours of clinic - able to return home the 2nd day)

Once you've completed the "Needs Assessment" you're ready to call or email Softball Excellence to schedule your own Custom Clinic. Learn from the best, book your Clinic today!

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