Rapsodo® Hitting
Skill Level: Advanced
Focus: Hitting




The Rapsodo® Portable Hitting Monitor

"To me, this is the greatest product to come along in hitting! But let me just warn you, it’s not for everybody. Rapsodo is a very elite-level piece of technology that helps coaches and hitters discover everything important about the ball coming off the bat!"

Cindy Bristow  

Rapsodo is only for the elite-level coach and hitter who are serious about improvement. Using Rapsodo will allow you to actually see the speed of the ball off the bat, the launch angle, the exit direction, the ball spin rate and spin axis.

Think of this as a spin device on steroids. Rapsodo is:

  • Portable hitting technology for softball or baseball
  • Indoor and Outdoor capable
  • Wirelessly connects to iPad and PC - easily
  • Detailed Batting Cage and Workout Reports

How It Works:

  • Video playback for hitting mechanics insights
  • Place tracking device in protection shield (provided)  
  • In-app creation of player profiles for ongoing monitoring of player performance
  • Instant data feedback allows coaches and players to swing design in a single session
  • Ball-off Bat Analysis:
    • Exit Velocity
    • Exit Launch Angle
    • Exit Direction
    • Spin Rate
    • Spin Axis
  • 3D Ball Flight 

This Package Includes ALL of the Following:

  • Rapsosdo Tracking Device
  • Tripod with Carry Bag
  • Protection Shield
  • Charger and USB Cable
  • Free App












If you’re serious about hitting, then Rapsodo is for you! You can’t put a price on improvement so stop guessing about your actual hitting performance and let Rapsodo show you!