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If you would like to link to Softball Excellence or reprint one of Softball Excellence’s original articles, please follow the guidelines below.

As with any resource, you must use a proper citation when citing Softball Excellence content; in our case, that credit must indicate that Softball Excellence is the source and provide the complete URL of the item you're referencing. Two sample citation formats can be found at the bottom of this page.

You may provide a direct link to original Softball Excellence FREE material on the Web site without requesting prior permission.

If providing a link to Softball Excellence, you may use the Softball Excellence logo, located here

If you would like to use a description of Softball Excellence in any directory or list of annotated links to strong softball resources, please consider this one:

Softball Excellence [], Premier internet site for any type of softball instructional information, founded by world-renowned Instructor, Clinician and Author Cindy Bristow - online Softball Educational and Training Materials on all aspects of the game for all levels of athletes.


Most Softball Excellence free content is aimed at softball coaches, and often there is a printable worksheet of some kind. Softball coaches are certainly invited to print out as many copies of such materials as they need for individual team use without asking prior permission.

Coaches, parents, players, and non-profits serving the softball community may reprint Softball Excellence articles on paper for limited distribution in the context, for example, of a coach development day. Such one-time paper reprints of a limited number of Softball Excellence articles are permitted as long as proper citation and the original URL is included on the paper reprints. Any paper reprints of a different nature or purpose, or a larger scale, require express permission from

No electronic reprint rights to whole articles are ever granted without express permission. In electronic or paper newsletters, coaches, players, parents, or leagues may pick up a "blurb" for an article from our site. A link to (or the printed URL of) the complete Softball Excellence article must appear in the newsletter with the blurb. This "blurb + link" arrangement is permitted on a repeated basis without prior permission.


Anyone may hyperlink to Softball Excellence pages. As with other users, that link should include a headline or short paragraph that can serve as a "blurb" to accompany the link to Softball Excellence.

However, any attempt to place whole content items from Softball Excellence online or in any electronic form without permission does constitute a violation of copyright.


Aside from the limited reprint rights granted above, any reprint or other use of Softball Excellence copyright material is to be requested expressly of Any such request must cite the exact Softball Excellence URL and a full description of the usage being requested. Only those URLs and those exact usages will be sanctioned by any affirmative response.

No grant to underlying copyright is to be inferred from any reprint or syndication rights granted.


Citation is not limited to this suggested format.


AUTHOR last name, first name (date of article). Title of article. Retrieved Day Month Year from [insert precise URL of article]


Bristow, Cindy (2010, February 8). 5 Drills for Hitting the Outside Pitch. Retrieved Friday, February 12, 2010, from


In all cases of publishing in any form, a courtesy email to explaining how and when you referenced our articles, columns, and newsletters is greatly appreciated. Please include the necessary information to view and print the publication for our files.