What is Video Analysis

Let Cindy Bristow take your softball game to the next level through the use of video analysis. This is one of the exciting features that we're able to bring you via the use of your video camera and our Video Analysis Software. 

Video analysis is a procedure in which a videotaped softball skill is analyzed using a frame-by-frame inspection of the footage, allowing Cindy to:

  • Highlight important points by selecting and noting key moments within the skill
  • Add her audio comments, text and drawings to selected positions
  • Play reference video with key positions and notations and compare with other videos
  • Synchronize two different videos to play together, side-by-side
  • Publish videos, important positions, drawings, annotations and voiceover
  • And deliver ALL this back to you!

Click here to have Cindy analyze your player, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.

How it Works

Using a video camera or even your phone, take a short video clip of your pitcher, hitter, or fielder (or any player doing any softball skill). Then email the video directly to Softball Excellence. Cindy will analyze the skill and return the clip to you complete with her detailed observations, analysis and suggested corrections.

NOTE: Upon purchasing our Video Analysis Service, we will send you an email telling you what we need in the video, and how to send the video to us.

Cindy's analysis will be packed with comments, corrections, suggestions and examples.

Benefits of Player Video Analysis:

  • Analysis is FAST
  • Improvement is IMMEDIATE
  • Increases Visual Learning
  • Instruction brought right to you!

Put that key video footage you've captured to good use and let Cindy Bristow at Softball Excellence analyze and improve your players performance today!

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